Our favorite products, apps, tools, and resources we use on a daily basis!

Business Operations

  • Gmail – For email
  • Google Drive – For file organization
  • Slack – For team communication
  • LastPass – For securely storing and sharing passwords
  • Zoom – For video calls

Marketing & Sales

Office Must-Haves

  • Essential Oil Diffuser – Diffusing oils in my office helps me create an environment that is calming and focus-oriented
  • Essential Oils – I love this 16-pack of oils so that you can sample different scents and see how you like them
  • Display Monitor – For having more screen space to work
  • External Hard Drive – For backing up and storing your files
  • Mouse – Wireless and connects easily to my laptop
  • Keyboard – Wireless and connects easily to my laptop
  • Printer – Wireless printing from all devices
  • Scanner – The best high-quality, wireless scanner so you can go paperless
  • USB Port Hub – This hub makes it easy to keep all of my equipment plugged in to one place with only one USB getting plugged in to my laptop – plus it has fast-charging ports to charge my phone while I work
  • Wireless Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – These headphones are so comfortable and help make it easy to stay focused while you work
  • Wireless In-The-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – I am a huge fan of these headphones – I use them when I’m working out, taking calls, and listening to podcasts while cleaning

Website & Design

Productivity & Time Management


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